Donald at the Bat – Day 1210, It Ain’t Necessarily So (parody to Gershwin’s ‘It Ain’t Necessarily So’)

Day 1210, It Ain’t Necessarily So  (1)


It ain’t necessarily so.

If you read newspapers, you’ll know,

The stuff Trump is tweeting

And often repeating,

Just ain’t necessarily so.


Trump built a great economy,

In spite of great press enmity.

Obama defaming,

Trump’s constantly claiming 

He built a great economy.


(Insert 28 syllables of jazz scat here, as the spirit moves you.)


Trump says COVID testing is great,

Provoking a lot of debate.

Per capita—lagging,

Fourth place, Trump still bragging,

Trump maintains our testing is great.

Trump said COVID cases went down,

No need for our shorts to turn brown.

Though New York’s decreasing,

Red states are increasing,

But Trump says they’re all going down.


(Insert 28 more syllables of scat.)


It ain’t necessarily so;

Just watch a press conference, you’ll know.

When Trump’s lips are flapping,

Poor Fauci is crapping;

What Donald says just isn’t so.


Trump is a great leader;

Trump was a world-beater;

So, why is he under assault?

Trump made us the greatest;

But COVID’s a sadist;

Now Trump claims, “It isn’t my fault.”


It ain’t necessarily so.

There’s lots of stuff Trump doesn’t know.

But Trump goes on lying

While people keep dying.

He says things we all know ain’t so.


I’m preaching this sermon to show,

It ain’t nessa, ain’t nessa,

Ain’t nessa, ain’t nessa,

Ain’t necessarily so.


(1) This may be sung to “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” from the opera, Porgy and Bess, by George and Ira Gershwin, book and lyric collaboration by Dubose Heyward (1935.)  I am fortunate enough to have a typed (with white-out corrections) copy of the original lyrics, signed by Ira Gershwin.  There are many slight variations of the lyrics in the dozens of performances by various artists over the years.  Mine follow the original.  The 28 syllables of scat were written out by Ira Gershwin, but they too, vary by performance, so feel free.  Donald Trump’s speeches provide plenty of word salad with which to work.