Donald at the Bat – Day 1211, Jail Is Not Safe for Manafort

Day 1211, Jail Is Not Safe for Manafort 


Jail is not safe for Manafort

School is safe for your child.

So says our government’s report

(Or Paul has them beguiled.)


You can’t keep social distance well

In jail or in a school.

And Paul is old and quite unwell,

Kids stronger, as a rule.


If Paul gets COVID, he might die.

Most kids will not, we’ve seen.

We’ll let some mothers grieve and cry,

While Paul’s at home, serene.


Another dwells in durance vile

And equally at risk;

Mike Cohen was a “rat” at trial.

Release will not be brisk.


And then, of course, there’s Michael Flynn,

Who weathered his attack.

Barr told reporters with a grin,

“We take our charges back.”


The message of all this is clear,

If you are Donald’s friend,

Then you have nothing much to fear.

We all can see the trend.


But, if you’re just a kid in school,

But not Trump’s acolyte,

And just your mommy’s precious jewel;

We may bid you, “Good night.”