Donald at the Bat – Day 1196, High Dudgeon

Day 1196, High Dudgeon 


I rise in high dudgeon, protesting Mike Pence.

He went to a hospital without a mask

To see COVID patients.  Is Mike Pence that dense?

A prudent example was too much to ask?


It’s not my first instance, incensed with Mike Pence,

The president’s sycophant, no self-respect,

Debasing his character in Trump’s defense,

His ass osculation we all now expect.


Pence chairs the commission on COVID response

And they’ve recommended, in public, wear masks.

Disdain for his scientists, Mike Pence now flaunts;

So why should the public do what science asks?


Since Trump sets the practice, refusing a mask,

His sycophants won’t risk incurring his wrath.

Revering their master, their primary task,

(They must praise their master or risk a bloodbath.)


(The health of the public and fighting disease

With science, technology, data, and facts,

Or Trump’s peristalsis and his anal breeze,

Dilemma for sycophants, fearing the axe.)


Believe it or not, there are those who trust Trump,

Believe what he says and forgive his misdeeds.

And do not trust science predicting a bump

In more COVID cases, when Donald misleads.


So, Mike Pence’s image with his bald-faced show,

Disdaining what his own commission has said,

Sows a fertile field where more COVID may grow.

His image may amplify numbers of dead.


A third of world cases, a fourth of world deaths,

In “red states,” deaths rising, and rates still increase.

Then thousands more fated to draw their last breath,

Their life on Earth shortened; Pence foreclosed their lease.