Donald at the Bat – Day 1197, Saving Our Bacon

Day 1197, Saving Our Bacon


We have to have our pork chops; we have to have our steaks.

We can’t live without bacon.  Donald’s doing what it takes.

Meat plants must all stay open, though more workers will get sick.

They’re working without testing, just a promise and a lick.


We’re making progress: new drug treatment, and a new vaccine.

We’ll still have eggs and bacon.  We can beat COVID 19.

The Brits have made the vaccine; the drug isn’t chloroquine.

But Donald saved our bacon.  Who gets credit for the win?


So, open up our businesses, though things are getting worse.

Trump’s faith is: markets have to rise, his chapter and his verse.

Today he’ll save meat-packing jobs; we’ll pay the bill with lives,

A rise in death rates preferable to when the market dives.