Donald at the Bat – Day 1195, Press Conferences

Day 1195, Press Conferences 


Press conference on; press conference off; press conference on again.

Trump thinks exposure on TV will surely help him win.

The center of attention is what Donald needs to be.

Besides, he doesn’t pay for it; the TV show is free.


There, Donald airs his grievances, especially with the press,

Disputing their reporting that his White House is a mess.

He makes outrageous statements that the data have not backed.

And aides who don’t support him, one by one are being sacked.


So now, we see Trump toadies who are standing by his side,

Supporters who are with him, who don’t care if he has lied.

Some know that he’s a liar; some thick-headed ones can’t tell.

But both have proven they are buying what Trump has to sell.


And Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, why are they still up there?

They’re doctors; they are scientists; we know that they must care.

The dangerous bullshit Donald spreads must be a painful test.

The Hippocratic Oath they took means they must try their best.


Once COVID 19 had evolved, we knew a lot would die,

Economies would be disrupted; governments would lie.

The wisest leaders would keep all three to a minimum.

Disaster lurks when led by Tweedledee and Tweedledum.


Trump’s tweets and his press conferences show his incompetence

And sycophantic groveling by his V.P., Mike Pence.

We have the highest numbers: cases, deaths around the Earth.

Why doesn’t that tell all what Donald’s leadership is worth?