Donald at the Bat – Day 1194, Plague Responses

Day 1194, Plague Responses 


When germs attack, no mystery,

We learn from reading history

That leaders always bungle first.

With Trump, we’re not uniquely cursed.


Most governments start with a lie,

“This pestilence will pass us by.”

For Trump to lie is natural,

Disdaining all that’s factual.


Incompetence?  Traditional

So suffering is additional.

When empathy’s in short supply,

We see the suffering multiply.


As body counts begin to rise,

Resentment builds at all the lies.

It spreads to government and church,

With idols knocked down from their perch.


Eventually, plagues pass away;

Survivors greet a brand new day.

New institutions rise or fall;

(Their hubris led to their downfall.)


Trust scientists or trust belief,

When you are seeking sure relief?

From history, we think we know

That science is more sure, but slow.


In plagues, why do our leaders fail?

We see them lie; we see them flail.

To get elected, that’s vaudeville;

To govern wisely, different skill.