Donald at the Bat – Day 1191, More Absurdity

Day 1191, More Absurdity 


The latest implication from what Trump’s gut rumblings tell—

If you go outside naked, it might help to keep you well.

So, open up your mouth and let the sun shine down your throat,

Put COVID in the sunlight, Donald thinks that’s all she wrote.


To disinfect your insides, there are lots of things to use,

Like isopropyl alcohol; don’t just rely on booze.

So, go out to a nude beach, disinfectants for your drinks.

That’s Donald Trump’s advice, they will do more than clean our sinks.  (1)


The kind of stuff that Trump believes shows he is “nucking futz.”

It’s from a life of thinking with his guts and with his putz.

If you think Trump is crazy, well you ain’t heard nuthin’ yet.

And sadly, his approval won’t drop; that’s the safest bet.


The Donald’s getting frantic as he sees the Dow Jones fall.

He fumes at the prediction we’ll see COVID in the fall.

He’s grasping at the straws of disinfectant and UV,

Since doctors have not yet curtailed this foul catastrophe.


The Donald’s daily briefings let him dominate the news.

When he’s not on TV, we know that Donald gets the blues.

He doesn’t seem to care if what he says is dumb or crass

Or if it’s pretty clear that he pulls comments out his ass.


Is there a silver lining?  If I ask you to the beach

And ask you to take off your clothes, it’s not improper speech.

It isn’t a seductive move, no underlying stealth.

It’s very simple, actually; I’m thinking of your health.


(1)  See Trump’s daily COVID briefing, April 23, 2020.  On April 24, he said he was being sarcastic and responding to a sarcastic question.  Watch the tape and judge for yourself.