Donald at the Bat – Day 1192, Rugged Individuals

Day 1192, Rugged Individuals  (1) 


You clear your land, plow the rows, plant the seeds, and hoe the weeds,

Harvest grain that you have grown, make the dough that your wife kneads,

And hunt for game, shoot birds and deer, and butcher your own meat…

A rugged individual that stands on his own feet.


Who mined the iron and made the ax and made the plow you use?

Who made your rifle, steel, brass, lead, or how about your shoes?

A picture’s forming, isn’t it?  Complex society

Helps rugged individuals; it’s not the deity.


Now evolution made a bug that threatens everyone.

It doesn’t care if you’re an immigrant or native son.

Our scientists say, “Close things up,” so fewer people die.

Some rugged individuals do not want to comply.


To cure a cancer, chemotherapy will make you sick.

Again the parallel is clear; society must pick

Harsh medicine to save more lives, or maintain our routine.

Pick one and cost the other, ‘til we’ve made a good vaccine.


So, rugged individuals: think of what’s best for all.

Open business up too soon and death returns this fall.

We have to prove by testing that the virus is all gone

And make our folks immune before this nightmare turns to dawn.


(1)  See the columns by Drew Holden and Bret Stephens, New York Times: April 25, 2020.