Donald at the Bat – Day 1183, The World Health Organization

Day 1183, The World Health Organization 


The World Health Organization

Won’t receive its allocation

Of funding from the USA

If our King Donald has his say.


The World Health Organization

Had risked Donald’s condemnation,

Opining that they had some doubt

‘Twas useful to keep China out.


And this Health Organization

Had once given approbation

To president Xi’s government

For Covid 19 management.


And so, this organization

Earned Donald Trump’s damnation.

The president’s excuse is lame;

For we heard Donald say the same.


White House disorganization,

Which is Donald Trump’s creation,

Ignores the facts, misstates the laws,

Because of Donald’s ego flaws.


Donald’s misrepresentation

Is creating consternation

In health care workers on the line

When he says that we’re doing fine.


Donald’s firm determination,

Risking opening the nation,

Right as the first of May arrives,

Means profits matter more than lives.


In the Covid conflagration,

Donald’s misadministration,

Denying facts, cost lives before;

Now stubbornness will cost us more.