Donald at the Bat – Day 1182, Trump Has Complete Authority

Day 1182, Trump Has Complete Authority 


Trump has complete authority

To open up society.

That’s the assertion Trump just made.

On May First, should we be afraid?


If business opens, will disease

Start spreading with far greater ease?

Can Donald Trump make us do that?

With spread not yet to zero, flat?


Red, rural states have lagged behind;

Which means, before long they will find,

That they’ll start bending up the curve.

Is more disease what they deserve?


Believe Trump or the scientists?

And data?  Still his base persists               .

In their support for God’s elect.

Will their messiah be correct?


So, if Trump sends us back to work,

If Covid 19 goes berserk,

And death rates, once more start to rise,

Will his base still think Trump is wise?


So, does Trump have authority

And have responsibility,

If business opens on May Day,

And many more souls pass away?