Donald at the Bat – Day 1184, The Value of Testing

Day 1184, The Value of Testing 


Let’s say you run a house of ill repute;

It’s bad for business to spread STDs.

It’s therefore logically beyond dispute,

It’s in your interest to prevent disease.


 First, social distancing won’t be of use.

That’s not your business model, we all know.

But you can’t use that fact as an excuse;

So, you must test, or STDs will grow.


Consult the doctors; they know how to test.

They don’t need PPE; it isn’t tough.

Then next decide what frequency is best;

Test daily, weekly, monthly?  What’s enough?


And, for the tests, how fast is turnaround?

Delayed results won’t keep your coffers fed.

You need to know results the lab has found,

Before you tell your girls, “Go back to bed.”


There’s one more problem you should not downplay.

All your employees may test negative.

But the next customer who comes to play,

May turn a negative to positive.


You really ought to screen your clientele,

To find the prevalence of STDs.

You need to know each customer is well,

Which helps to set employees’ minds at ease.


For that, the government must help you out,

By doing screening tests both far and wide.

It’s knowledge that you cannot do without,

To know how safe it is to sell a ride.


To run a business with infectious risk,

The knowledge gained by tests is paramount.

It’s stupid to tell girls their asterisk,

To catch and spread disease on your account.