Donald at the Bat – Day 1176, Donald and the Pandemic (parody to ‘Rock of Ages’)

Day 1176, Donald and the Pandemic (May be sung to Rock of Ages)


Borborygmic president,

Whom his base calls, “heaven sent.”

They think Donald’s GI tract

Cancels scientific fact.

Donald talks out of his ass.

Science: Donald: an impasse.


Donald thinks of money first;

Now the COVID dam has burst.

With the Dow Jones drifting down,

Donald’s shorts are turning brown.

People are expendable;

Cash is more dependable.


Donald says we must restart

Businesses, not stay apart.

Social distancing is nice

But, if profits melt like ice,

What’s a few lives, here and there?

It’s stock losses he can’t bear.


Trump is lying; that’s his game,

Misinforming, spreading blame.

Donald says, “Don’t look at me.”

Blame the left, not GOP.

Though the death rate is grotesque,

Bucks don’t stop on Donald’s desk.