Donald at the Bat – Day 1175, Science and Conservatives

Day 1175, Science and Conservatives 


Hypothesis, experiments

And not gut-rumbling sentiments,

Are how we learn of nature’s laws.

Gut rumblings have too many flaws.


Conservatives have been at war

With modern scientific lore,

Rejecting data when they show

We need to change the status quo.


As we’ve learned facts on climate change,

Right-wingers check the stock exchange.

If fossil fuel profits fall,

They say we’d best not change at all.


We’ve watched the COVID 19 spread

And that fills Donald Trump with dread.

He watched the Dow Jones tumble down,

Which might cost him his kingly crown.


So, Trump ignored the graphs and charts,

Disparaged liberal bleeding hearts.

He closed down travel way too late

And lied about our testing rate.


But here’s a scientific fact

On which Republicans will act.

If everyone’s allowed to vote,

For Donald Trump, that’s all she wrote.


Suppressing turnout at the polls

And striking voters off the rolls,

Will keep conservatives in power

And thus postpone their final hour.


Trump thinks that this intelligence,

Is clearly valid evidence.

Suppressing votes might save his skin.

With science, this time, Trump’s all in.