Donald at the Bat – Day 1162, Don’t Go to Church this Easter (parody to Beethoven’s 9th)

Day 1162, Don’t Go to Church this Easter (1)


Please don’t go to church this Easter;

Donald hasn’t thought this through.

Trump just pulled this from his keister;

That’s what he will usually do.

You will just be spreading virus,

All our scientists have said.

It’s best to let them inspire us;

Let us not risk millions dead.


Cancel egg rolls at the White House;

Let the kids stay safe at home.

Markets falling may make Trump grouse,

Money, money, his syndrome.

It’s too soon for celebration;

Crowds are where the virus thrives.

Think of the health of our nation;

Do not risk our children’s lives.


Donald Trump plays golf on Sundays,

Doesn’t go to church to pray. 

Sundays for Trump, are just fun days,

Pray?  No, Trump would rather play.

Donald Trump just worships money,

In church, he’s an absentee.

Play some golf or lay a bunny;

There’s no time for piety.


(1)  May be sung to the melody of the chorale in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Original lyric by Josef Schiller.