Donald at the Bat – Day 1161, Back to Work (music still to be written)

Day 1161, Back to Work


Let’s open things up by this Easter,

Let markets rise up like the Lord.

Trump just pulled this out of his keister;

That shows he is out of his gourd.


No doctors agree with his thinking,

Not Fauci and not Doctor Birx.

It represents Donald’s hoodwinking

From trusting his gut’s handiworks.



Donald, Oh, Donald, your trust in your gut

To make decisions, is risky at best.

Trusting the products you formed in your butt,

Won’t help our country get rid of this pest.



Who cares if the virus is spreading?

Let’s get business going again.

We know that we’re in for tough sledding,

Trump’s reasoning, basically Zen. (1)


We’ll grant you, some virus mutated.

It’s random and it’s not your fault.

However, your gut’s overrated,

And won’t bring this plague to a halt.



 Donald, Oh, Donald….



The college that Falwell’s dad founded

Just told all their students, “Come back!”

Is their faith in God that unbounded?

Will Christ save their kids from attack?


Consider the past, Middle Ages,

When Europe was ravaged by plague,


Did Christ help?  Check history’s pages;

The power of prayer was vague.



Christians, Oh, Christians you trust Donald’s gut,

Though you say that your faith leads the way.

Now, what will you do if Donald’s shortcut

Still leaves the viral load rising each day?


(1)  Shit happens.  One of the manifestations of randomness that was apparently first enunciated in American literature in about 1964.  The essence of Zen is an attempt to understand life without being encumbered by logical thought or language. See Wikipedia