Donald at the Bat – Day 1160, The Disease, The Cure

Day 1160, The Disease, The Cure 


Trump thinks the ravage of disease may not be worth the cure.

Two million dead, or low Dow Jones: the Donald isn’t sure

If he should first save people’s lives or halt the market slide.

Two million dead, a low Dow Jones, how can The Man decide?


The epidemiologists say we should stay at home.

The virus spreads more quickly when we go to work and roam.

But we are social animals; what’s worse, stock prices fall.

When big investors lose big money, Donald hears their call.


The markets fall because disease is spreading through the land.

To stop the symptoms, cure the illness, plain to understand.

Cough medicine won’t cure TB; it takes drug therapy.

Stop COVID 19; what results?  A good economy.


In case you need it, let me give one more analogy.

If you have cancer, often you require surgery.

And even chemotherapy, which makes you very ill.

But, when the cancer’s gone, you’re glad you took the bitter pill.


Our scientists trust data and the Donald trusts his gut.

The Donald’s borborygmi often slam his thinking shut.  (1)

The treatment and prevention of pandemics causes pain.

But, if we don’t, then millions will be circling the drain.


And, what about the symptoms?  Income lost, locked out of work?

Pass unemployment, health insurance; that is the bulwark.

Protecting workers, not the rich, and, please no huge slush fund

That Trump controls for friends, the monetarily rotund.


So, listen to our scientists and follow their advice.

We have to stop the virus first; we have to pay the price.

If we go back to work and school, we’ll restart viral spread.

A temporary market rise may cost two million dead.


(1)  Look it up.  You have time.