Donald at the Bat – Day 1163, Donald Doesn’t Know

Day 1163, Donald Doesn’t Know 


When will Donald realize we know he doesn’t know?

When will he stop saying all these things that are not so?

Donald’s narcissism simply won’t let him admit,

Trusting to his gut, not science, means he’s full of shit.


Donald’s daily briefings show us his mendacity

At the very time when we require veracity.

Andrew Cuomo’s briefings show us figures full of facts.

Donald’s briefings give us mostly bullshit and attacks.


Epidemics come when there is exponential spread

Of infectious agents, with a rising toll of dead.

Donald Trump’s delayed response assured the rate of rise.

Now he tries to cover his delays by telling lies.


Donald’s narcissism can’t admit what experts know,

Which, of course, assures the rate of viral spread will grow.

Trump sees our economy is in a tail spin.

So, he wants to open up our business once again.


Congress has just passed two trillion dollars of relief.

That’s appropriate but we must still endure the chief

And his narcissism and disdain for good advice

On how and where to spend funds we know will not suffice.


What did all the markets think of this new funding bill?

Well, there’s not much confidence; they all are falling still.

We know that two trillion bucks is a huge pile of dough.

What we don’t know is how big the COVID mess will grow.


Looking at disease and markets from Trump’s point of view,

Re-election prospects govern what he’ll likely do,

And, of course, his thirst for praise and cheering audience,

Which is now reduced to just himself (and Michael Pence.)