Donald at the Bat – Day 1155, “I always knew this was a pandemic.”

Day 1155, “I always knew this was a pandemic.” 


“I said, ‘pandemic’ before anyone;”

(Before epidemiologists did.)

That’s just one more lie that Donald has spun

Out of narcissism, ego and id.


Nobody’s surprised; to lie is Trump’s style.

(Suspend disbelief with Trump in command.)

So, Donald BS’d; however meanwhile,

We watched COVID spreading all through the land.


Trump called it a “hoax,” pushed by Democrats,

Then said it’s “contained” and will “disappear,”

And it’s “China’s fault,” (because they eat bats.)

But a “pandemic”?  That term was unclear.


Trump’s making things up; he claims we’re still strong,

(Economy melting while people die)

Damned COVID 19 will not play along.

Would we do better if Trump didn’t lie?