Donald at the Bat – Day 1156, Onward, Trumpist Followers (parody to “Onward Christian Soldiers”)

Day 1156, Onward, Trumpist Followers (1)


Onward, Trumpist followers, marching as to war;

Donald Trump is leading, as he has before.

He’s a wartime president; COVID is the foe;

It’s disrupting all our markets, as well as cash flow.

Onward, Trumpist followers, line up with Donald Trump.

COVID 19’s causing the Dow Jones to slump.


We need crisis leadership; Donald is our man.

Trump is self-reliant; he’s his biggest fan.

Trump said COVID was contained, although it was not.

That is standard for the Donald, we all have been taught.

Donald Trump will say one thing and then the opposite.              

Facts may be against him; Trump won’t mind a bit. (2) 


COVID 19’s spreading now, exponentially.

Millions may be dying, consequentially.

There are no drugs useful now; vaccines take a year.

In November, Donald may lose; that’s his biggest fear.

When the Donald meets the press, the markets go down more.

Donald has assured us, he will make them soar.


All reporters are not fair; they are dirty rats.

They work for the Chinese and the Democrats.

It is not the Donald’s fault, we are in this mess.

Surely you can see the panic’s all caused by the press.

Democrats will shut us down; but Trump will set us free.

He will slay the virus; that’s his guarantee.


(1)  May be sung to Onward, Christian Soldiers, original words by Sabine Baring Gould, music by Sir Arthur Sullivan.

(2)  Or, “he won’t give a shit.” Au choix, depending on where you sing it.