Day 1154, How Big Is Your Family? 


How big is your family; whom do you admit?

Your parents and siblings, are they all of it?

Or all of your cousins, do you count them too?

The ones you don’t like much, are they counting you?


Or your congregation, perhaps your whole town?

All different skin colors, from light to dark brown?

Or all of the people on all continents?

All different believers: yes, even Mike Pence?


Charles Darwin said, “…wider; it’s all living things,”

The peskiest microbes, tyrannical kings.

For, we’re all related; all our DNA

Records evolution of all life today.


The mountains, the oceans, the rivers, the soil,

The old “thunder lizards,” (1) decayed into oil,

Now we are Earth’s stewards, it’s all in our care.

Our home is our family; we must be aware.


The stars and the planets, our family’s diverse,

The galaxies spread through the whole universe,

Clear back to the Big Bang, that first fireball,

From atoms to people, grandparent of all. (2)


Gaze out at the night sky: the wonder of it;

How big is your family? Whom do you admit?


(1)  The name, “brontosaurus,” one of the largest of the dinosaurs, is derived from Greek, meaning “thunder lizard.”  Of course, we don’t have any surviving recordings of its voice.

(2)  Neil deGrasse Tyson noted, “We are all connected to each other, biologically, to the Earth, chemically, to the rest of the universe, atomically.”