Donald at the Bat – Day 1153, Coronavirus Blues

Day 1153, Coronavirus Blues 


I woke up this mornin’, guess I’m still alive.

I turned on the TV, heard Trump shuck and jive,

Checked out the stock market, another deep dive.

And I cannot help wondering, will anyone survive?


I got coronavirus blues.

Donald Trump missed all the clues;

Now we have to pay the dues.

We got the COVID 19 blues.


First Donald Trump told us, it will go away.

The virus will die off one bright sunny day.

But scientists say that the skies will stay gray

And we have learned to just ignore whatever Trump may say.


I got coronavirus blues,

Can’t avoid it on the news.

Will they blame it on the Jews?  (1)

We got the COVID 19 blues.


I’ll wake up tomorrow, if I’m still alive.

There’s no guarantee though, I’m seventy five.

Trump thinks the stock market will need to revive,

Or else his re-election chances take a deep nosedive.


I got coronavirus blues.

As it gets worse on the news,

Some turn to praying, some to booze.

We got the COVID 19 blues.


  1. Note added in proof: the Iranian press is publishing conspiracy theories that the COVID 19 virus was invented by Israeli scientists. 


Stephen Baird, March 2020