Donald at the Bat – Day 1152, Empathy Deficit

Day 1152, Empathy Deficit 


The president lacks empathy;

The president lacks competence.

The president has sympathy

For what the Dow Jones represents.


Coronavirus on the loose…

Trump says we should go out and shop.

But this advice is just to goose

The markets so their fall will stop.


Today, at Trump’s press conference,

The very first words that he said

Were to express exuberance

For interest lowered by the Fed.


Then Donald simply left the room,

The patients left to others there.

It’s not unfair if we assume               

Their plight does not make Donald care.


Trump told us he tests negative;

The virus, so far, passed him by.

Should that make us feel positive

Our leadership is still this guy?


So we’re faced with incompetence;

We’re faced with lack of empathy,

A man immune to evidence:

Will voters just show apathy?