Donald at the Bat – Day 1148, FUBAR and SNAFU

Day 1148, FUBAR and SNAFU


There is a term you may have heard: FUBAR.

And FUBAR has a synonym: SNAFU.

To illustrate: you have a one pint jar

To hold a quart of shit; what do you do?


We know that Donald Trump would say, “It’s fine.

“The quart of shit is totally contained.

“Please rest assured, the problem is benign.

“Our sewage managers are all well-trained.”


So, FUBAR’s proved to be the Donald’s style,

Although, sometimes SNAFU is being used.

Results have been consistent all the while.

Might we opine that we are not amused?


Two pounds of feces in a one pound bag,

When we think of Donald, our spirits sag.