Donald at the Bat – Day 1147, Old White Guys (parody to his own song, ‘Dead White Males’)

Day 1147, Old White Guys (1)


The nation is in trouble and it’s clear what we must do:

Get rid of Trump and his surrounding sycophantic crew.

The Democratic candidates: both genders, every hue,

The voters have now winnowed down to just two, and guess who?


It’s two…

Old white guys: just Bernie and Joe Biden left.

Old white guys: Joe’s moderate and Bernie’s left.

Old white guys: no ladies, now that Lizzie’s left.

The Democrats have bet the farm on old white guys.


We know that Trump is ignorant; he’s lazy and he’s fat.

He lies a lot, a natural ability for that.

He called up the Ukrainians, demanding tit for tat

And generally he tweets and speaks just like a spoiled brat.


Now two…

Old white guys are  running to throw Donald out,

 Old white guys: swing wide the door; show Donald out.

Old white guys: polls say they’d both blow Donald out.

America’s depending on two old white guys.


The Democratic candidates have taken sword and shield.

Primary voters will select which one will take the field,

To fight the dragon ‘til his fraudulence has been revealed

And knock him to his knees until he finally squeals, “I yield.”


It’s two…

Old white guys: which one will challenge Donald Trump?

Old white guys: which one will toss him on the dump?

Old white guys: which one will kick Trump’s ample rump?

The whole world is depending on these old white guys.


No females, blacks, or gays, we’re back to old, white guys.


(1)  This may be sung to: “Dead White Males,” which those of you who follow the Galapagos Mountain Boys will find on their CD, “Ain’t Gonna Be No Judgement Day.”  You will detect a similar tendency in Western Civilization, reflected in both of these songs.