Donald at the Bat – Day 1146, Dow Jones in Freefall

Day 1146, Dow Jones in Freefall 


The Saudis made the markets sink,

Down almost eight percent,

Which may drive Donald Trump to drink.

His heart may need a stent.


When Saudis drive oil prices down,

It doesn’t pay to frack.

The fricking frackers’ shorts turn brown,

There’s no way to fight back.


When Saudis flood the world with oil,

Then they depress the price,

Which causes frackers’ guts to roil,

No profit pie to slice.


So, market traders sell and sell,

The biggest Dow Jones drop.

With COVID 19 here as well,

Who knows when it will stop?


We know from Donald’s governance

That he does not know much.

But we need more than ignorance,

Especially in the clutch.


There’s just no confidence in Trump.

Tax cuts don’t fight disease.

Trump’s lies accelerate the slump,

And, what if Trump should sneeze?