Donald at the Bat – Day 1144, Donald Trump, BS, MD

Day 1144, Donald Trump, BS, MD


Donald Trump, BS, MD,

Diagnosed our malady.

He says it might go away,

In the springtime, any day.

Mike Pence says the risk is low;

Experts say though, we don’t know.


Donald Trump, BS, MD,

“Natural ability.”

Who needs science?  Trust your gut

Not the data scuttlebutt.

But our guts are full of shit;

Donald’s too, is full of it.


Viruses may come and go,

Mutate, epidemics grow.

In the 1918 flu;

50 million died; (it’s true.)

The worst then, we’ve ever seen.

Now a year ‘til a vaccine.

Republicans say what they’ll do,

Probe Joe Biden.  Yes, that’s true!

How about health care for all?

Would that program help to stall

This pandemic and death rate?

Let’s let Joe and Hunter wait.


Donald Trump, BS, MD,

Guides us through this malady.

Donald doesn’t understand

What he doesn’t understand.

Will this virus bring him down…

Trump’s coronavirus crown?