Donald at the Bat – Day 1120, The Autocrat Road

Day 1120, The Autocrat Road 


The autocrat’s road, throughout history,

Has been made rougher by democracy.

The will of the people served to deny

The would-be autocrat and his big lie.


But now that road, which was stoney and hard,

Is being smoothed out; it’s no longer barred.

The stones have been saved for building a wall.

Now, where is justice?  Has she gone AWOL?


Those lying for Trump will have crimes excused.

Those who tell the truth, instead are abused.

Both Vindmans were fired; (what did the twin do?)

It was Trump’s revenge, clear for all to view.


Republicans showed us, they do not care.

(Perhaps they showed us they’re easy to scare.)

That might be the lesson Donald has learned.

And, now we’re all watching Justice get burned.


Trump now has control of his DOJ.

Is justice unbiased?  No, that’s yesterday.

Donald Trump openly has interfered.

Our justice system has been commandeered.


We’re certain to see more swings of the axe.

The lessons Trump learned?  He’s been freed from facts,

And from God’s Commandments, and from the law,

Trump’s now an idol to worship in awe.


Oh, by the way, it was Bernie and Pete

And Amy sending Joe down to defeat.

Joe’s fifth place finish in New Hampshire hints,

Biden is washed up; is it time to rinse?