Donald at the Bat – Day 1119b, Cheating

Day 1119b, Cheating 


Donald Trump relies on cheating,

This fall, his best hope for beating

Any of the Democrats

Who campaign for his unseating.


Firing those he thinks are ratting,

His base, not an eyelid batting,

Donald wants to win it all,

Then get on to autocrating.


Though illegal and appalling,

Donald wasn’t stopped from calling,

Several other potentates,

To save him if he starts falling.


Since acquittal, celebrating,

Constitution, desecrating,

Now raised higher than the law,

Arrogance is not abating.


Ship of State now pitching, yawing,

Donald, through the mainmast sawing,

Crippled, sinking like a stone,

Now Mitt Romney’s conscience gnawing.


Bill Barr just stopped Roger’s stoning.

Justice lovers, moaning, groaning.

Donald said, “It wasn’t me.”

“Though I don’t support atoning.”


Trump thinks, without refereeing,

Crime’s no threat to his well-being.

So, he’ll cheat the Democrats.

(Even with tapes of him peeing.)