Donald at the Bat – Day 1121, Trump vs Barr

Day 1121, Trump vs Barr 


Are Trump and Barr in a real donnybrook?

Is it just theater?  Let’s take a look.

Barr told reporters that Trump should not tweet.

Tweets make it harder to play by the book.


Trump does not call Barr; he just has to tweet.

He knows Barr reads them; they don’t have to meet.

And, when Barr reads them, then he changes course.

If not, like everyone, he’ll feel the heat.


We’ve seen examples of Barr changing course.

Trump is not subtle; he’s damnably coarse.

When he admonished: don’t throw stones at Stone,

That tweet hit Willie with sledge hammer force.


Federal guidelines for sentencing Stone,

Were very clear until Trump picked a bone.

“Though Stone broke the law, he did it for me.

“And, who has the power?  It’s me alone!”


“Who has the right and the power?  It’s me!

“How must you serve me?  Abject loyalty!”

“The law is a false god.  Beware, I’ll tweet;

“Soon I shall rule, like Kim, Putin, and Xi.”


Willie serves Donald’s will, needing no tweet.

Barr is embarrassed; can’t Trump be discrete?

Now, with Trump’s bidding, Barr’s looking at Flynn,

Donald’s hegemony is now complete.