Donald at the Bat – Day 1116, More Revenge

Day 1116, More Revenge 


Now unrestrained by any law,

Trump’s arrogant vindictiveness,

Officially, now not a flaw,

Unleashes his impulsiveness.


So he fired Vindman and his twin

As well as Sondland, yesterday.

An unsurprising thing to do,

For Donald, vengeance is the way.


How dare another disagree

With how the Donald operates!

To narcissism: treachery.

So Donald fumes and imprecates.


“Revenge is mine,” thus spoke the Lord;  (1)

“I will repay,” that is God’s law.  

But we see Donald swing his sword,

His wounds, unhealed, still bleeding, raw.

And, there is more of Donald’s rage

To be revealed in his revenge.

For, every day we turn the page,

Revenge will build into a binge.


And, what about John Bolton’s book?

Since he is gone, he can’t be fired.

But, John might hang Trump on the hook,

For Bolton knows how Trump conspired.


Is Donald Trump’s hostility

Enough to keep John out of print?

Will “national security”

Now serve the Donald’s foul intent?


The vengeance train, steam pressure high,

With Donald Trump as engineer,

Means burning coals are drawing nigh,

More “death” of the unfaithful near.


 (1)  See Deuteronomy 32:35 and Romans 12:19.