Donald at the Bat – Day 1115, Donald Trump, Acquitted

Day 1115, Donald Trump, Acquitted 


When Donald chose to desecrate

The Prayer Breakfast, contemplate

That he thinks we should venerate

Him, as our lord, acquitted.


Who uses prayer for revenge?

To light a fire and start to singe

His critics to play to his fringe?

Is this our lord, acquitted?


Christ Jesus, Lord, was crucified,

Then resurrected, glorified.

But Donald Trump has putrified,

Although he’s been acquitted.


When Donald spoke, ‘twas not a prayer;

We did not see a savior there.

The contrast was too stark to bear.

No grace, though he’s acquitted.


A sinner must apologize,

Not, as Trump does, self-aggrandize,

If he wants us to eulogize

Him, now that he’s acquitted.


But, we all saw the news report

Of Trump’s demeanor, the import—

Revenge, to which Trump will resort,

Although he’s been acquitted.