Donald at the Bat – Day 1114, Revenge

Day 1114, Revenge


Trump’s never been held to account

For whom he might cheat or might mount.

And now, once again,

This most flawed of men

Made one more successful dismount.


Acquittal let Trump off the hook,

(Republicans know he’s a crook.)

But they were afraid,

He’ll tweet a grenade,

It’s obvious; just read his book.  (1)


Today, in the White House East Room,

Trump called a big rally to fume

At each Democrat

And Romney, that rat,

With veiled threats of impending doom.


So, we’re asking which Democrat

Can take Donald down on the mat.

In mud with a pig,

(The pig loves the gig;)

Is it wise to trade tit for tat?


Now Donald will wax bellicose,

Not difficult to diagnose.

He can’t understand

An ethical stand,

So he’ll rant and rave and be gross.


When Donald campaigns, he attacks;

He tweets and he hews and he hacks.

He’s rude and uncouth,

Cares nothing for truth.

His base cheers each swing of his ax.


“The Art of the Deal,” 1987, written mostly by journalist, Tony Schwartz after extensive interviews with Donald Trump.  See also “Surviving at the Top,” 1990, Donald Trump and journalist, Charles Leerhsen