Donald at the Bat – Day 1118 (no 1117), Old Bone Spurs

Day 1118, Old Bone Spurs


Now our General Staff defers

To their commander, “Old Bone Spurs.”

Uncle Sam, in Viet Nam—

“Old Bone Spurs” was on the lam,

Told his doctor, he preferred

Chasing women, draft deferred.


“Old Hickory,” “Blood and Guts,”

“Mad Dog Mattis,” now this putz. (1)

Unfit to serve, fit to command?

Difficult to understand.

We elected “Old Bone Spurs:”

Dodged the draft; demands, “Yes sirs!”


Educating “Old Bone Spurs,”

You’re unwelcome messengers.

Facts poke like a cocklebur;

Trump kicks like an onager. (2)

Old Bone spurs needs flattery.

Disagree?  That’s treachery.


So, for now, it’s “Old Bone Spurs”

Seeking ego polishers.

Rule by ignorance and whim,

Our fault: we elected him.

In November, there’s a vote:

For bone spurs, the antidote.


(1)  “Old Hickory,” General and President, Andrew Jackson; “Blood and Guts,” General George S. Patton; “Mad Dog Mattis,” General James Mattis, former Secretary of Defense under Trump.

(2) “Onager,” an Asian wild ass.  Also the name Romans gave to one model of catapult because of the way it kicked when it hurled a stone