Donald at the Bat – Day 1083, Does Donald Trump Intimidate Iran?

Day 1083, Does Donald Trump Intimidate Iran? 


Does Donald Trump intimidate Iran?

That crazy infidel with orange tan,

Has just killed Soleimani with a drone.

And, Mike Pompeo tells us, “Trump’s the man.”


Since Soleimani was killed with a drone,

Iran was not exactly rendered prone.

Revenge does not imply a total war.

That’s something Trump’s advisers should have known.


Revenge does not require total war.

Their acts of terrorism worked before.

Like random rockets, roadside IEDs,

And bombs by suicide spread blood and gore.


So, rockets, bombs, and roadside IEDs,

And no uranium enrichment freeze,

And, who knows whom they might assassinate,

And what oil tankers they might seize?


What diplomats might they assassinate?

What targets for a bomb they’ll designate?

What sort of devil dragon is Iran,

That Trump aroused to seethe and machinate?


What sort of evil devil is Iran?

Are they intimidated by our man?

We have to ask just who is more deranged:

Iranians or man with orange tan?