Donald at the Bat – Day 1084, Escalation?

Day 1084, Escalation? 


Iran has launched some missiles just to show what they can hit.

The fires are not extinguished; and the smoldering fuse stays lit.

They killed no soldiers this time but they said what they might do.

Dubai and Israel might soon be boiling in the stew.


This morning, in high dudgeon, on TV, Trump gave a speech.

For him, it was well-measured and he did not overreach.

He told how all he’s done was right; Obama was all wrong.

So, to the audience, it was the old, familiar song.


He said Iran must never be allowed to get The Bomb.

One wonders then, will Donald make Iran his Viet Nam?

In Viet Nam, Trump ducked the draft with “bone spurs” on his heels.

But his X rays are normal now; we’ll see how Donald feels.


Is there anybody out there who can help to mediate?

If someone simply farts, is that enough to escalate?

When re-election loomed, Trump said Barack might start a war.

Was that projection?   Is there more belligerence in store?