Donald at the Bat – Day 1062, Rudy’s Back

Day 1062, Rudy’s Back


Since Rudy came back from Ukraine,

Attacking Ms. Yovanovitch,

We saw that he’s no Thomas Paine

But more like a son-of-a-bitch.


Yovanovitch had been forced out,

For, Rudy says, she was corrupt.

A statement that we ought to doubt,

His motives only to corrupt.


Since Trump and Rudy want to smear

Joe Biden, she was in the way.

The price would be her long career;

When Donald Trump threw her away.


Now Giuliani has come back

And gone to brief the president

On tactics by which to attack

Marie and Joe, (why he was sent.)


They know what they will claim is false

But they will say it anyway.

Though telling lies may have its faults,

Trump’s base believes what he may say.


Just allegations will suffice,

For they sow doubt and they confuse.

Since, with Trump’s base, there is no price

For telling lies, it’s lies they’ll use.