Donald at the Bat – Day 1063, Impeachment

Day 1063, Impeachment


Debating impeachment went on and on.

Republicans said that there was no case.

The Democrats say Trump is Putin’s pawn.

Both made their arguments with a straight face.


The Russians helped Trump in 2016.

He needs help again, so he asked Ukraine.

Yet Donald maintains his hands remain clean.

What else might he do if given free rein?


The Democrats call this crime a fact.

Republicans say, “Oh no, it is not!”

McConnell has said that he’s made a pact;

He’s married to Donald; they’ve tied the knot.


Abuse of power is a serious crime.

Republicans say, “Well, we don’t think so.

“Or maybe it could be, but not this time.”

The Democrats say, “It is; he must go.”

Republicans say the Democrats hate

The president just because Clinton lost.

But Democrats say Trump won’t play it straight.

He breaks all the rules: impeachment the cost.


The Democrats cite damning fact after fact.

Republicans make a process defense.

Ignoring the facts, they’ve counterattacked.

The arguments rage; the Congress ferments.


It came to a vote; the Democrats won.

A party-line vote, so rage won’t subside.

But Trump’s removal is only half-done.

We’ll now see if he will be fairly tried.


As noted before, Mitch said he’ll acquit.

The facts just don’t matter; they’ll be dismissed.

And Senator Graham cares not a whit.

Both cheeks of Donald’s ass have now been kissed.