Donald at the Bat – Day 1061(no 1060), A Eulogy for the GOP

Day 1061, A Eulogy for the GOP?


Is America now witnessing the GOP’s demise,

Death by committing suicide by backing Donald’s lies?

The GOP was founded for opposing slavery,

They’re now dependent on a base of racial bigotry.


So, could it be too soon for us to write a eulogy

For the Republicans, as they go through the agony

Of ethical collapse and of the staining of their souls,

And danger that they’re falling down to roast on glowing coals?


Can Republicans survive whatever Donald Trump demands:

Unquestioning acceptance of the facts he countermands?

When Donald’s dead and gone, then what will be his legacy?

To leave the GOP to drown beneath a rising sea?


Or, is Donald Trump a cancer which has metastasized

Throughout the right wing’s body, that cannot be exorcised,

Thus compromising organ function, causing its last breath?

For, we all know when one stops breathing, shortly follows death.


So, is it time, with pen in hand, to write a eulogy

For the unlamented passing of the dying GOP?