Donald at the Bat – Day 1046, Off to NATO

Day 1046, Off to NATO 


Trump’s flying off to NATO where he won’t cooperate.

And, back home in the Congress, he will not participate

In their impeachment hearings, where his lawyers will not go.

Although they were invited, Trump said, “Don’t attend the show.”


“We pay too much for NATO,” is what Trump is telling them.

The chance that Trump will pay a bill is somewhere south of slim.

Besides, his buddy, Putin hopes that NATO will be weak.

So Trump can save some money, leaving NATO up the creek.


(The only people Donald pays are porn stars that he pokes.)

Meanwhile, all these impeachment charges are a giant hoax.

Self-dealing and abuse of power, Trump won’t dignify;

So his exculpatory witnesses won’t testify.


First, Trump complained he couldn’t come, his lawyers kept away.

(Republican defenders have attended every day.)

Now there’s an invitation; Trump has said he’ll turn it down.

And, his excuse this time is that he will be out of town.


So, Trump says NATO and the Congress are both quite “unfair.”

And that is why he’s telling Congress that he won’t be there.

And, of course, he’s telling NATO that he will not pay.

And, both of these were what we thought that Donald Trump would say.


It is the same old, same old; Donald acts monarchical.

It’s obvious on TV and in every article.

The question keeps arising: can we save Democracy

While sliding on a razor blade down to autocracy? (1)


(1)  “Sliding down the razor blade of life….”  See Tom Lehrer’s song: “Bright College Days.”