Donald at the Bat – Day 1045, AOC (parody to ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’)

Day 1045, AOC, (May be sung to The Yellow Rose of Texas)


There’s a feisty New York lady; we call her, “AOC.”

She won a seat in Congress to fight for you and me.

Right wingers are frustrated; they haven’t got a clue.

They see young ladies rising and they don’t know what to do.


She’s the sweetest little flower that New York ever grew.

She’s smart and she is pretty; she sparkles like the dew.

She drives right wingers crazy; they’re going nuts today,

For she is only twenty-nine and looks like she will stay.


All right wing publications try tearing her apart.

But AOC is winning; she has a lion’s heart.

They’re digging and they’re searching to find a fatal flaw.

But she’s not like the Donald, for she has respect for law.


Right wingers guts are churning, as they see women rise.

They’re young females of color, all reaching for the prize:

Equality of races, religions, gender too,

Now will it take young women’s work to make these dreams come true?