Donald at the Bat – Day 1044, Thanksgiving in Afghanistan

Day 1044, Thanksgiving in Afghanistan 


Trump is full of new surprises; he’s in Afghanistan,

Where he says they’ll restart peace talks, now with the Taliban.

At least that’s what the Donald said, although that news surprised

Afghanis and the Taliban, from what we have surmised.


The Taliban turned down a deal which Trump now says they won’t.

He says they want a cease fire now, although they say they don’t.

Afghanistan’s new president was also as confused,

When he heard Trump claim all these things the Taliban refused.


The Taliban says we must leave before discussing peace,

Complete US withdrawal, said their latest press release.

Conditions in Trump’s statement were nonsensical to them.

But they have learned, as we have, words don’t mean too much to him.


So, why was Donald making these unsubstantiated claims?

Was he just talking, as he does?  He’s often playing games.

Was his trip on Thanksgiving just so someone else must cook?

The only thing of which we’re sure: Trump won’t play by the book.


We know that Donald’s speech does not relate reality,

A well-established aspect of Trump’s personality.

So, here at home or overseas, who knows what he might say?

And, will we start peace talks again?  Well, probably, not quite.