Donald at the Bat – Day 1043, We’ve Got Nunes By the Nunus

Day 1043,  We’ve Got Nunes By the Nunus (1)


We’ve got Nunes by the nunus.

Every time we hear some new news,

Devin’s self-inflicted boo boos

Sink him deeper in the swamp.

It’s a mess of his own making,

Buying into Putin’s faking,

Leaving Devin Nunes snaking

To where alligators chomp.



Devin, Devin, what’s the matter,

Crazy as that old Mad Hatter,

Every day it’s getting sadder,

Watching you kiss Putin’s ass.



We know Donald is a cheater;

Every day, a whining tweeter.

Should the Donald be our leader

When he’s serving Vladimir?

Nunes also serves Vlad Putin,

Like the Czar revered Rasputin,

So he’ll go on persecutin’

Biden, mostly just to smear.


Chorus: Devin, Devin….


When you speak, you just sound crazy.

Facts you cite are pretty hazy.

Does that mean your brain is lazy?

Or your brain is fast asleep?

So, will you keep smearing Biden,

Keep a’slippin’ and a’slidin’,

And deridin’, and providin’,

“Facts,” we all know are “bullbleep?”


Chorus:  Devin, Devin…


What you’ll do to stay in power

Makes us want to take a shower.

Doesn’t it taste awfully sour

As you swallow Putin’s crap?

Has Vlad Putin got your nunus?

Does he know of hidden boo boos?

Do you like to dance in tutus?

Have you joined Trump in his trap?


(1)  “Nunus,” sometimes, “Noo noos,” a slang term, loosely referring to genitalia, both male and female.  See Wikipedia.