Donald at the Bat – Day 1042, The President Is Not a King

Day 1042, The President Is Not a King 


The president is not a king;

He cannot say, “Don’t testify.”

When Congress is subpoenaing,

A person, then they must comply.


This ruling, by a federal judge,

Adds water to Trump’s sinking boat.

But still today, Trump will not budge,

Maintaining, “That’s not all she wrote.”


Her ruling said the DOJ

Wrote arguments that made no sense.

The Democrats all shout, “Hooray!”

Her ruling might include Mike Pence.


So, next the DOJ appeals,

Although their arguments are schlock.  (1)

It’s ever so with Donald’s deals,

Don’t pay, appeal, run out the clock.


They’ll stretch it to Election Day,

With Putin helping Donald’s side.

They’ll let the voters have their say,

At least, that’s what they have implied.


And, if they lose, it’s back to court,

Like George Bush did against Al Gore,

Clear to the Court of Last Resort,

Will we hear Barr sing an encore?


(1)  Schlock, Yiddish for “trash, cheap or inferior.”