Donald at the Bat – Day 1041, America the Beautiful (parody to the real ‘America the Beautiful’)

Day 1041, America the Beautiful?  (1)


Oh, beautiful, when smog-free skies

Do not cry acid rains,

When ocean temperatures don’t rise,

To pump up hurricanes.

America, America,

Protect our lakes and streams.

Don’t let them gag on mining slag,

To poison future dreams.


Trump says he wants clean streams and lakes

And says he wants clean air.

But looking at the moves he makes,

Shows that he doesn’t care.

America, America,

Our soul is now on trial.

Will we protect; will we correct

What Trump tries to defile?


How puzzling that Donald’s base

Has so debased themselves.

And politicians will embrace

Him, just like Santa’s elves.

America, America,

Will Donald’s wrecking ball

Smash gaping holes in bodies, souls

Of all those in his thrall?


How beautiful, when people rise,

Protecting liberty,

When some would-be dictator tries

To act like royalty.

America, America,

No one above the law.

There’s nobleness when our free press

Exposes every flaw.


(1)  May be sung to “America the Beautiful,” words by Katharine Lee Bates, first published as a poem, that she entitled, “Pike’s Peak,” in 1895.  Music was composed by Samuel A. Ward and first published in 1892, called, “Materna.” The two were published together as “America the Beautiful,” in 1910.  It remains one of our most popular songs.