Donald at the Bat – Day 1036, Fiona Hill (parody to ‘Joy to the World’)

Day 1036, Fiona Hill (1)


Fiona Hill just gave them hell;

Right wingers had no chance.

For, when Fiona testified,

Republican defenses died.

Jim Jordan’s rapid rants,

Nunes’s flaming pants,

Unable to turn the tables,

Not a chance.


She ruled the room with truth and grace

And clear intelligence.

All that she said was actual,

But Nunes, counterfactual.

She’s backed by evidence

And lots of common sense,

Defeated, the right retreated,

No defense.


What will it take to get Trump’s base,

To recognize the facts?

That Trump is run by Vladimir,

And all he says is insincere.

We know that Trump attacks

Facts with his battle axe,

A liar, abject denier

Of the facts.


Republicans now say, “So what?

“So what if Trump’s a crook?”

“His crimes are not impeachable.

“The president’s unreachable.

“Trump won’t play by the book.

“Who cares how these things look?

“Extortion or no extortion,

“He’s our crook.”


(1)  This may be sung to “Joy to the World,” words by Isaac Watts, 1719, based on Psalm 98.  Music adapted from George Frideric Handel’s “Antioch.”