Donald at the Bat – Day 1035, Gordon Sondland’s Testimony

Day 1035, Gordon Sondland’s Testimony 


Though Trump said there’s no quid pro quo

There’s something that we all should know:

Zelensky must investigate,

Or military aid won’t flow.


Zelensky must investigate

Or else the aid Trump holds as bait

Will not be flowing to Ukraine

And Russians will pour through the gate.


For Donald says that the Ukraine

Had interfered in his campaign.

And Hunter Biden was corrupt,

Which leaves his father with a stain.


If both the Bidens are corrupt,

Then Donald thinks that should disrupt

Joe’s 2020 campaign plan;

Corruption leaves Joe Biden schtupped. (1)


It’s Donald’s 2020 plan

To make Joe just an also ran.

He thinks Joe will be hard to beat

And doesn’t want to face that man.


Vlad Putin showed Trump how to beat

A candidate: you hack and cheat.

In 2016, Russia did,

Drove Trump’s campaign from his backseat.


So Mueller showed what Russia did

And Trump thought, “Hey, I’ve got a quid.

“For, I can hold back Ukraine’s aid

“And get them to do what I bid.”


“Investigate.  That is the quo.

“And military aid will flow.

“Call that extortion or a bribe;

“I know it will help me beat Joe.”


And who else knew about the bribe?

Whom will the history books describe?

Pompeo and Mulvaney knew.

(Recall Mulvaney’s diatribe.)


And Perry, Pence and Bolton knew

What Donald Trump had hoped to do.

Thus Gordon Sondland testified.

Now lots of folks are in Trump’s stew.


As Gordon Sondland testified,

A clear conspiracy implied,

For “Everyone was in the loop,”

In slime that can’t be purified.



(1)  Schtup, Yiddish slang for sexual intercourse.  Used colloquially, it means someone is “screwed.”