Donald at the Bat – Day 1034, Trump to Testify?

Day 1034, Trump to Testify? 


Pelosi has asked Trump to testify.

And Donald said that he’d give it some thought.

To be the bacon Schiff puts on to fry?

Smart money all says Donald Trump will not.


Trump did not testify for Mueller then.

What makes us think he’ll do it for Schiff now?

For Trump, a strategy that is, “no win,”

A foolish chance his lawyers won’t allow.


A strategy, if you don’t want to lie,

When under oath is, say you, “don’t recall.”

Although the truth will leak out by and by,

When someone, “in the room” has spilled it all.


Now, in a pickle, you can’t say they’re wrong.

Because before, you said, “I don’t recall.”

And, Adam Schiff will have you by the schlong. (1)

A wiser strategy is just to stall.


And, Trump has other options, as we know.

He’s blocked the testimony of his men.

He could tell those subpoenaed, “You may go.”

But, they might tell the truth, if so, what then?


(1)  Schlong, Yiddish slang for “penis.”  From German, die Schlang, “the snake.”

The implication of this image was stated clearly by Theodore Roosevelt, “If you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”