Donald at the Bat – Day 1037, Useful Idiots (parody to ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic)

Day 1037, Useful Idiots (1) 


Republicans defending Trump ignore the evidence,

Which leaves observers wondering if they lack common sense.

The evidence so clear that they do not have a defense,

Yet Nunes blathers on.


Donald Trump is clearly guilty.

Everyone knows Trump is guilty.

Nunes knows that Trump is guilty,

Yet he still blathers on.


We know the Russians hacked the Democrats back in ’16.

Then Putin told Trump, “It’s Ukraine,” in 2017.

Republicans still spout this Russian fiction in ’19.

Still Nunes blathers on.


Russian hackers helped the Donald.

Ukraine didn’t hack the Donald.

Putin has control of Donald.

Still Nunes blathers on.

And now we learn the Senate was told by the CIA,

That Russians wrote the Ukraine story Nunes spreads today.

And, though they know it’s false, right-wingers spread it anyway.

As Nunes blathers on.


Trump is working for the Russians,

Fox News, working for the Russians,

Right wing, working for the Russians,

As Nunes blathers on.


“Useful idiots,” is what we call this sort of bloke,

A dope who does not understand his views are just a joke.

If you can fool them, you won’t need a dagger or a cloak.

And Nunes blathers on.


Vladimir finds Donald useful.

Vladimir finds Fox News useful.

Vladimir finds Nunes useful.

And Nunes blathers on. 


(1)  May be sung to, The Battle Hymn of the Republic.