Donald at the Bat – Day 1029, Trump and His Three Amigos (parody to ‘Mexican Hat Dance’)

Day 1029, Trump and His Three Amigos  (1)


Have you heard of the new “Three Amigos,”

Who were acting as Trump’s alter egos,

And agents assisting his campaign,

By putting the heat on Ukraine?

They told them, “Investigate Biden,

“For Donald, right now, is decidin’

“If you’ll get your money,

“No joke, it’s not funny.

“He might give the Russians free rein.

“So, screw Joe, or you know,

“Putin just might take all of Ukraine.”


Three Amigos led by Giuliani,

Told Ukrainians, “Aid will be scrawny,

“Without all the arms Trump could send you,

“Putin just might flush you down the loo.”

This quid pro quo, being debated,

Is due to the mess Trump created,

There’s lots of discussions

About how the Russians,

Could get Donald working for them.

Trump’s their tool and a fool;

Vladimir has Trump working for him.


All this stuff is a very good reason—

And some folks even ask, “Is this treason,

To throw Donald out for “malfeasing,”

By all his Ukranian squeezing.

Though Trump said his actions were peachy,

The Democrats say they’re “impeachy,”

They say that the Trumpster 

Belongs in the dumpster.

He’s someone no one should support.

By the book, Trump’s a crook,

But they say that’s no cause to abort.


Impeachment will start this November

And it will be a show to remember.

For our country is split into factions.

Can our nation survive Donald’s actions?


  1.  Listen to The Mexican Hat Dance.  This sort of fits that melody.