Donald at the Bat – Day 1030, Santa Clarita Shooting

Day 1030, Santa Clarita Shooting


A kid shot up his school again;

It’s California’s turn.

Same old disease, to our chagrin:

When will we ever learn?


The House has acted; their bill stalled

On Mitch McConnell’s desk.

The Senate sits; Mitch has stonewalled,

Disdain for life, grotesque.


Are guns more precious than a child,

Are guns our country’s god?

Why do such gods have us beguiled

But not most folks abroad?


We’re warned against idolatry;

The Bible is quite clear.

False gods will make a mockery

Of all that we hold dear.


When Moses saw the calf of gold

And saw his people pray,

The Bible story we’ve been told

Should guide us all today.


For Moses ground the calf to dust

And made the people eat

The “god” in which they placed their trust.

He did not simply tweet.


The golden calf was turned to shit,

The symbolism, clear.

But now we see the Senate sit

Because of whom they fear.


The High Priest of the NRA

Has Mitch and Trump in thrall.

Will we stand up to them today

And dump all those who stall?